As owner of the Edward J. Post Company in Medford, New Jersey, Lisa A. Post has led the distribution of Surety bonds to the construction industry since 1988. She draws on an understanding of industry financial processes, as well as an in-depth knowledge of legally mandated and privately required construction bonds. Dedicated to using this expertise to serve her clients in Medford and beyond, Lisa A. Post also shares her expertise as an instructor for several contracting and building associations.

An experienced presenter to the Joint Toll Bridge Commission as well, Lisa A. Post regularly expands her knowledge as an attendee at industry trade shows and conferences. She maintains active membership in the Building Contractors Association of South Jersey, the Philadelphia Surety Association, and the Association of Construction Contractors of New Jersey (ACC-NJ), as well as in several other professional organizations.

A veteran of the U.S. Women's Army Corps, she also has taken an active role with the Burlington County Military Affairs Committee. In addition to leading as a board member for the committee's Armed Forces Freedom Ride, she has served in a number of leadership roles with the organization and with civilian charitable groups.

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